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An Intro to Slack Apps!

This week, I was looking at our deployment pipeline and good ways in letting teammates know the status of a deployment. Previously, we’d have a message posted in the terminal with some details, which we’d then copy and paste into Slack. I wanted to take it a step further and automatically post it to Slack. […]

Using Firebase to Upload Files

As part of one of my Elixir Labs Projects, I need to create a form that let’s me upload files to firebase, and then display them as appropriate. I figured that would be a great topic for this week’s blog post. While I used an AngularJS project, I’ll write this post for a generic HTML/CSS/JS […]

An Introduction to HTML and CSS

In this week’s post, I’ll be writing my take on a simple guide to HTML and CSS. This is mostly a high overview of HTML and CSS, and won’t get into too many language specific details. Instead, I discuss what HTML and CSS are, and how they work to make a website. How Does the […]

Making Maps with Google’s Map API

This week, I spent a decent amount of time working with Google’s Map API for a Hackathon project. While I won’t go into the details of the project (for now at least), I wanted to share some of the things I learnt about using Google Map’s API system. Overall, getting the map up and running […]

Create and Deploy An AngularJS App to Github Pages

Recently I was working on an AngularJS project for an Elixir Labs project, and realized that I could actually host the entire website on Github Pages. This worked because my app made use of Firebase as the database, and as a result didn’t need an additional back-end written up. I thought it would be a […]

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

Wow, time has flown by. I can’t believe we’re already in week two of 2018! Before we get too far into the year, I wanted to take a moment to look back at 2017, and share some of the things that I’m excited for in 2018. Between family, friends, work, travel, moving to a new city […]

AngularJS Tutorial Part 5: Creating Individual Pages for Characters and Movies

This is part 5 of a multi-part Intro to AngularJS tutorial series. Part 4 can be found here. Now we’ll work on making individual pages for each Character and Movie. We’ll begin by creating new routes in the app.js file. .when('/character/:id', { templateUrl: 'views/character.html', controller: 'CharacterCtrl', controllerAs: 'character' }) .when('/movie/:id', { templateUrl: 'views/movie.html', controller: 'MovieCtrl', […]

AngularJS Tutorial Part 4: Introducing Bootstrap

This is part 4 of a multi-part Intro to AngularJS tutorial series. Part 3 can be found here, and Part 5 can be found here. Since AngularJS uses HTML based views, it’s extremely easy to add styling to your pages. I’ll use Bootstrap to turn what we’ve made so far look a little nicer. Bootstrap […]

AngularJS Tutorial Part 3: Using Star Wars API Data through Angular Controllers and Views

This is part 3 of a multi-part Intro to AngularJS tutorial series. Part 2 can be found here, and Part 4 can be found here. The Star Wars API is working, and we’re able to access information about the character. Next we’ll play around with some of the data that has been returned from our […]

AngularJS Tutorial Part 2: Introducing the Star Wars API and Angular Services

This is part 2 of a multi-part Intro to AngularJS tutorial series. Part 1 can be found here, and Part 3 can be found here. Now that we have a Hello World version of our website working, we’ll create a Service in order to connect to the Star Wars API. First go back to the […]