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Why I Want To Go To FITC

March 11, 2015

FITC; Future, Innovation, Technology, Creativity. They are hosting a conference in Toronto, and this is why I want to go. To learn more about FITC, and the FITC Woman’s initiative, click here.

The technological growth in the last few years has been astounding. Everyday there are multiple announcements of amazing new technology that is here to disrupt the way we live. One example is the Minuum keyboard, who understood the new problem of having a QWERTY keyboard take up so much screen real-estate, and wanted to change this problem. They understood the layout and design behind the keyboard comes from its ancestor - the typewriter, where spaces slowed the user down in order to allow more accurate typing. However with the technology we have available today, Minuum allows you to type quickly and accurately, all on a screen space. But that’s not the only problem that they have addressed - they can continue to see it’s applicative benefits when partnered with a wearable device such as a watch.

Why is this important? Well, one of the biggest trends in technology right now is wearable technology, and wearable technology is causing another shift in the way things are built. We are in the midst of shifting into the ‘flat’ and ‘material design’ from some of the older, clunkier and slow-to-load websites - a shift that was brought about with the introduction of smartphones with internet browsers, and (more importantly) limited bandwidth. Wearable devices are taking it a step further, where you no longer need to pull out your phone to find out information - rather just check your wrist.

The incredible design of these wearable devices paired with the simplicity and easy-to-use api and software allow programmers, like myself, an easy access point into the wearable tech industry. It allows programmers to take every-day problems that we face, and build our own solution. Use the currently available technology, mesh it together with other tools, and voila, a new product with new functionality and purpose. One example is taking a smart watch device like the Moto 360, and turning it into a haptic-feedback metronome in order to increase synchronicity between group performers.

I want to come to FITC this year to learn about the latest technology, and see what creative minds are coming up with. I am a student, currently interning at a company in Toronto. My programming background is primarily web dev, though I have an interest and experience with both hardware and wearable devices. I am also a sucker for good design, and want to improve my skills in order to produce better overall products. I think the UI/UX and way a product is advertised could potentially make or break the app, and want to learn how to successfully ‘make it’. I want to celebrate the best the world has to offer in design and technology, learn from the speakers, and be inspired to keep working on my own projects. This is why I want to come to FITC.

I wrote a [#DearMe]../dearme-international-womens-day-2015/) blog post on International Womens Day highlighting advice I would give to younger versions of myself. The lack of women in technology is a complicated problem, however one aspect is extremely clear - in order to get more women into the technological world, we need to show girls from a young age all the different opportunities available to them. To these younger girls, my advice is: Your choices now, as a child, will always impact your future - take control of your future. Find something that interests you, whether or not it is tech related, and make it your passion. Don’t ever let anyone dissuade you from it.

FITC 2015 Entry