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Hello world!

January 18, 2013

This is me saying Hello to the world, so I might as well leave the blog title set as the default one that Wordpress issues upon creation now, shouldn’t I. It feels so good to be working with HTML and CSS. What once, when I was 13 or 14, seemed like a terribly complicated language now seems normal and somewhat sane. I haven’t worked in HTML/CSS or on a “website” since working on a class project using Shell Script, but that hardly counts. And before that, the only other time that I might have coded a website was during the summer of 2012, whilst working on my Affies Me Not project.

I’ve made the decision to stop blogging on my other blog/tutorial website and start using Aashni.me as my blog/portfolio, leaving the other site as a tutorial only site. In terms of the types of blogs I hope to write, assuming I have the time, they can range from a random piece of code I found interesting on the web, or my thoughts on an assignment I work on, or (and this is the one I’m really hoping for) any progress I make on some of the projects I’m working on. I really enjoyed working on the AMN project, and want to start working on some more.

My ideal plan is to use a different platform for each project. Make **__** for iOS, do **_** on an android or Windows phone, create a website in Ruby, code a program that does ____ in ___. Fill in the blanks (then send the ideas to me). I have a few project ideas in mind, and am going to try and put an hour a day to work on them. If (more like when) this gets too hard to do, I shall instead try three hours a week to work on a project. Lets see how well it goes!

In some super exciting news, I’m taking part in my Universities Game Design and Development Club’s Game Design Contest. I don’t want to divulge too much information about my game yet, however it is due next week. Perhaps my next blog will be based on that?

Finally, an interesting fact that I recently discovered while reading one of my courses textbooks. Yes, I was reading a textbook. It turns out that the worlds first programmer was infact a woman called Ada Lovelace. Here’s a trusty Wikipedia article on her stating as much. To all the people that think Computer Science is only for men - TAKE THAT.