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HackWestern 2015

On the 27th of March, I got onto a bus heading west to Hack Western. This is the first student planned hackathon that I’ve attended (where I haven’t helped organize it), and it was amazing! There was a huge difference in being at a hackathon as a participant – it felt really weird having no […]

PodCamp Toronto

A few weeks ago, I was given the chance to do something I hadn’t expected to do – I was invited to speak at a Conference. The Podcamp Toronto Conference to be more precise. Taken from their website, “Podcamp Toronto is Canada’s largest and longest running un-conference for people who create digital experiences and are […]

Why I Want To Go To FITC

FITC; Future, Innovation, Technology, Creativity. They are hosting a conference in Toronto, and this is why I want to go. To learn more about FITC, and the FITC Woman’s initiative, click here. The technological growth in the last few years has been astounding. Everyday there are multiple announcements of amazing new technology that is here […]

#DearMe – International Womens Day 2015

YouTube is currently doing a #DearMe campaign in celebration of International Women’s Day. Shout out to Kya for being the first post I saw about this! International Womens Day is a day to celebrate many of the victories amazing women have achieved. #DearMe 15 Years Ago: You’re seven years old. Keep enjoying what you’re doing. […]

New Years Resolution: Relax and Enjoy

Smile yo! You made it to 2014!! The first thing I social media’d in 2014. And I truly mean it. Taking time to smell the roses every now and then is important, especially when you’ve survived another year, and so you should smile. 2013 has been a year full of exciting events. We welcomed Prince […]

UofTHacks 2013, An Overview

UofTHacks, and it was amazing! This was the largest Student Run Hackathon to take place in Canada, with over 350 participants in total! UofTHacks was a 36-hour hackathon that took place between Friday 27th September and Sunday 29th September. Here’s a breakdown of what happened for all of you who missed it, and a reminder […]

Lego Robots!

While this isn’t a totally new idea, it’s something I worked on for a lab in class, and it’s a project that I really liked working on. Enter: Lego Robot Scanner. Our task in this lab was to create a “robot” that would emit sounds whenever the scanner picked up a change in colour from […]

Setting Up A Photoblog

I finally finished setting up my Photoblog, Picture Me Not. I’ve had it running for a few years, but have been bad at updating. While I know I won’t be able to update it too frequently, I figured the whole site needed a redesign anyway and that’s exactly what I did. WordPress & YAPB The […]

Updating the RAM on a MacBook Pro

A few months ago, I spent a lot of time doing research into which companies make the best RAM for my MacBook Pro 15″. I love my laptop, but my need to multi task with numerous browser tabs and applications open at all times has rendered the poor champ into a machine that tends to […]

Simple Login/Logout System in PHP

I’ve been working on recoding the #PickMe project I started at the CUTC Hackathon. I decided to start from the ground up, and literally create the site form scratch. And so I began coding the Login/Logout section of the site. I plan on making this all PHP based, with the use of a MySQL Database. […]