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TODO: Make TODO Comments Better For Everyone

This past week, I had some time to work on code cleanup after the Cash App Launch in UK, especially since my next two “projects” are waiting on final designs. As I worked on the launch, I’d kept a general list of things to follow up on, like cleaning up some regexes or refactoring some […]

Lazy Evaluations and Short Circuit Logic in Javascript

Javascript uses short circuit evaluation, where the second argument in an expression is only executed when the first argument is not sufficient to satisfy the expression. We also have the power of Lazy Evaluations, which is the ability to only evaluate an expression when it’s needed. This is also known as the call-by-need strategy. Short […]

The Power of Ember Transforms

This past week, I was introduced to the concept of transforms in EmberJS, and I was completely fascinated by them. In essence, transforms are a way to store and display data in a way that makes sense. Basic Model Attributes In Ember, data displayed on a page is managed in a model. Here’s a quick […]

Function Overloading in Javascript

Most object oriented languages like Java give you the option to do function overloading. What this means is that you can have multiple functions with the same names, but different expected parameter values and types, and the correct function would be called depending on the inputs provided. In Javascript, we don’t quite get the same […]

Fetch For Javascript API Calls

This week I taught a group of teenage girls how to make a website. I began with a basic explanation on how the Internet works, to which one girl was absolutely amazed that the cloud wasn’t actually in the cloud, but rather a bunch of computers connected together on the ground. The majority of my […]

Regex: A Regular Guide to Regular Expressions

I’ve used Regular Expressions (Regex) over the years, but my usage has often been spotty. This week, I’ve spent a lot of time working with regular expressions for various parts of work I’m doing, and I thought I’d do a quick overview on some Regex in Javascript as a result. A regex is a string […]

What Are APIs, Why Are They RESTful, and What’s JSONP?

Following on from last week’s post, A Guide to Web Development for Beginners, I wanted to a do a deeper dive into some of the concepts I mentioned in that post, such as backend servers, databases and APIs. I’ll pick APIs today, as they’re a pretty vital component of how the other three can work […]

A Guide to Web Development for Beginners

I’ve gotten quite a few emails and questions in the past asking questions related to HTML, CSS, PHP, Ruby and Javascript from beginners looking to start their journey in web development. I always encourage questions, and really appreciate people emailing me to ask questions. However a common trend I’ve noticed is that many beginners get […]

An Intro to Slack Apps!

This week, I was looking at our deployment pipeline and good ways in letting teammates know the status of a deployment. Previously, we’d have a message posted in the terminal with some details, which we’d then copy and paste into Slack. I wanted to take it a step further and automatically post it to Slack. […]

Using Firebase to Upload Files

As part of one of my Elixir Labs Projects, I need to create a form that let’s me upload files to firebase, and then display them as appropriate. I figured that would be a great topic for this week’s blog post. While I used an AngularJS project, I’ll write this post for a generic HTML/CSS/JS […]